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Logistics 2040. The Future Is Coming Soon.

Together with experts from the 4CF strategic foresight company, FM Logistic is publishing the report “Logistics 2040”. The document identifies and describes possible scenarios for the development of the logistics industry over the next 20 years. 

The scenarios should not be considered as forecasts for the future. They do depict probable futures that one day may become reality, but they are not the most probable futures and were never meant to be. They are, however, the exact variants of the future that pose greatest challenges for the logistics operators and their clients. 

How will the individual national markets in Europe differ under each of these scenarios? What technologies can be used? How does this affect profit margins? How would you change these scenarios to make them more or less likely? And many others. 

If these scenarios inspire people to think differently about the future, they have worked as they should. 0

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Check out the Polish Version of “Logistics 2040” : Logistyka 2040. Przyszłość – to już niebawem.


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