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#6 Spring 2018

Have you ever heard about Simple Links? Get to know this blockchain based traceability project on this issue. Also, deep dive into the packaging world and be convinced by the positive effects of marketing & supply chain collaboration! I Get also a quick reminder on omnichannel efficient organisations.

When the packaging connects brands and consumers


Traceability : towards 100% transparency


#5 Autumn 2017

In this 4.0 issue, we feature start-up and R&D disruption – from warehouses to new services or features. Also, you will find Atlas Copco India & Lidl interviews and a snapshot of how supply chain integrated customs can reduce time to market.


#4 Spring 2017

How are consumers affecting the supply chain of the present and future? Will 3D printing impact the supply chain? In this issue, we also look back to the GST implementation in India and how the logistics network will evolve in the country.


#3 Autumn 2016

Get this issue if you want to know more about our M.O.V.E. continuous improvement initiatives and how digital operations can make inventory quicker, cheaper and more reliable. Also, you will find Bosch interview and how the collaborative economy is changing the supply chain.


#2 Spring 2016

Does the future belong to machines? How to make sense of information? Get this issue if you want to understand how to get the best from people, machines, and data! Furthermore, the multi-country supply chain will have no more secret to you.


#1 Autumn 2015

Get this issue if you want to know what does it takes to deploy an omnichannel supply chain or to better understand what Physical Internet is. Also, you will find Maped’s & Clarin’s interviews and a snapshot of how the consumption of fresh products is booming.