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360° Logistic, decode the new face of the supply chain

Are you trying to figure out how the supply chain ecosystem is evolving or to justify the supply chain importance within your organization? Our mission is to decode the ideas and innovations that are changing the supply chain industry, from technology to customer behaviour, sustainability and the transformation of the point of sale.

Despite the abundance of great online & offline resources, we are finding that people have a lot of questions about how this VUCA world will impact the supply chain operations and strategy.

First, we created 360° Logistic, the paper magazine, and this blog is its counterpart. In this site, you will find not only a mix of decrypted information but also insights and recommendations from FM Logistic’s and external experts. Our aim is to gather an active community to discuss the latest news and trends that are moving the supply chain industry forward.

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If you have a question or feedback about any topic covered or ideas you would like to share, please reach out anytime.

About FM Logistic

In 50 years, FM Logistic has become one of the international Supply Chain leaders (warehousing, transport and co-packing). As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets. FM Logistic is present on 3 continents and in 5 business-activity zones (Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America).